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Product: First Year Chemistry Video Tutorials

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Target audience: High school and college students, parents of high school students, home school families, teachers who unexpectedly find themselves teaching chemistry.


• You want an A in chemistry. You want to pass the AP test. You need this course!

• Common chemistry problems are worked by a college chemistry professor. Through the six series of questions, you will learn the approach to tackle all the problems you will encounter in first year chemistry.

• Chemistry is hard. This easy-to-understand video series can help you succeed in chemistry!

• Insider video homework helper

• These videos will help you to ACE Chemistry!

• Chemistry is hard. You can succeed in chemistry with this useful video series.

• Step-by-step you will find yourself understanding how to solve any chemistry problem you encounter!

• Passing chemistry is possible, but it is not easy! Using this complete video tutorial can help. But you must work at it, too.

• Includes a First Year Chemistry Problem Solving eBook, a $24 value!

• These video instructions are like having a personal tutor available 24/7.

• With time and effort, and the guidance from this video homework help, you will ace chemistry!

• Taught by a US chemistry professor who has taught for over two decades. He knows what skills students need to succeed in first year chemistry. And he has a sense of humor!

• Nine series of videos step-by-step show you how to solve all the common problems you will encounter in first year.

• Master dimensional analysis, moles, stoichiometry, solutions, gases, acids and bases.

• Stay ahead. Don't fall behind. Be at the top of your class. Prepare for the AP exam! Here you can Succeed in Chemistry Without Ever Crying!


Q. Who should take this course?

   A. High school chemistry students, home schoolers, first year college chem students, high school teachers who suddenly find themselves teaching chemistry in addition to coaching volleyball.

Q. Why should I pay for this course, instead of just looking at free YouTube chemistry videos?

   A. With Joy Lab you get the answers you need by an experienced professional college professor. You will not make the common mistakes other chemistry students make, because Professor Lehman knows these mistakes and trains you to avoid them. With Joy Lab you get a lot of practice working problems, all in one place, which other free sites cannot provide. Other free sites do not provide calculator guidance. Commit to success. Be at the top of your class!

Q. Why is it so expensive? Do you have military/single mother/good student/AAA discounts?

   A. You get 106 problems clearly explained by an experienced college professor. That’s less than $2.10 a problem. These problems take 7.83 hours to go over. That’s less than $28 an hour. Quality private tutors run $35-75 an hour. Professional group tutoring sessions run $40-90 and hour. We are unable to offer discounts. Study this course, and you will succeed without the additional expense of private tutors!

Q. Do you guarantee I’ll get an A?

   A. It all depends on you. So, no, we do not guarantee you’ll earn an A. To succeed in almost anything takes time and practice and effort. If you think chemistry is too hard, and you give up on the first difficult problem, then you will not get an A. If you watch the videos, work every one of these problems (maybe even more than once), and read your text book, and pay attention to your teacher, you will understand chemistry and how to work the problems correctly. That is a good way to ace chemistry! You can do it!

Q. If I’m failing chemistry, will your course help me pass?

   A. This course will help you stay ahead. This course will help keep you from falling behind. But if you are just finding us, and already failing chemistry, it is probably too late. Unless you are willing to work long and hard, and concentrate while watching the videos, and work every one of these problems (maybe even more than once), it will be unlikely you will get your grade out of the F range. But, if you study this course, the next time you take chemistry you will succeed!

Q. What calculator do I need?

   A. Use the calculator that your instructor suggests, or requires. It should have a log key and an exponent key. In these videos we use an Android app called “RealCalc”.

Q. What is the best way to use this course?

   A. Watch all the problems for one series. Next, do the same problems without the video. After doing them all on your own, go back and check your answers with the video.


Got my grade back up

“Chemistry is hard for me, and my teacher wasn't helping. Everyone in class is stressed out. These videos made me understand much better, and I think I will get an A!”— J.A.

Better than a private tutor

“I don't want to waste time in a study sessions with students who aren't as serious as I am. I don't want to try to work around a private tutor's schedule, even if I could afford it with my college student budget. Joy Lab is the answer.”— L.K.

My son understands now

“I was frustrated with my son's chemistry class - he spent hours working on chemistry, yet continued to get poor grades on tests. I couldn't even help him with the homework. Now that he is working through the chemistry videos, he understands and is less bad-tempered. There is peace in our home!”— J.Y.


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